Wouldn’t it be simple if you could reduce energy costs for your business with minimal or no outlay……?

Well now you can with Combined Heat & Power (CHP).

The energy landscape is changing rapidly. Increased demand, escalating costs and pressure on the National Grid mean businesses need to start looking for an alternative energy source, one that gives your business the power to control your own energy. Ideally that source would offer a secure flexible supply and be cost-effective and easy to manage and help your business meet stringent emission targets.

Combined Heat & Power (CHP) in a nutshell:

Combined Heat & Power will help your business take control of your business energy, lowering the risk of business disruption and ensuring continuity of your operations, and will help improve operational efficiency and lower costs.

It works by converting natural gas into both heat and electricity in a single process on your own site and is one of the most efficient sources of energy production and will reduce your business energy costs and help you meet your CO2 emission targets, plus CHP can give your business access to valuable government incentives.

Fox Energy works exclusively alongside one of the world’s largest energy providers who are now rolling out CHP systems at minimal/no initial outlay and all costs are recouped via the CHP system. The savings are immediate, your CO2 output is cut immediately and after the cost of the CHP outlay has been recouped (usually over 3 years), the savings increase yet further!

For more information on how CHP can work for your business and to arrange a meeting with Fox Energy, get in touch on 0800 488 0915 or email [email protected]