More so now than ever we find ourselves in a position to help multisite and cash hungry corporate businesses.

Our knowledge and understanding of the internal financial procedures within UK energy suppliers is allowing us to better manage company cash flows with regards to utilities in this period – the speed of our bespoke software is enabling us quicker than the traditional broker to act now. Our continuous profiling of supplier compatibility/risk analysis means that we are better armed to offer tailored support levels.

Despite the UK wide quarantine, Fox Energy are still here to help and are consistantly tracking the marketplace. Alongside daily Government announcements, Fox Energy is empowered with upto date information and can assist your business with any negotiations (with all suppliers) on your company’s behalf. Fox Energy is providing regular assistance with managing energy debt during this turbulent time to setting up payment plans and discussing options for returning to normal trading again.

Recently we obtained a blend and extend product with the one of our multisite retail clients, meaning they benefited from the live market lows and had an immediate saving without penalties, helping them better manage a period of forced closure.

Fox Energy will help your business build resilient and strong strategies in a climate when they are needed most!