After an uncertain and turbulent year of restrictions, businesses are finally able to open their doors to welcome back eager customers, endeavouring to return to some normality.

Alongside this, energy usage is, and should be, back in focus.  Thousands of businesses have been overcharged during the lockdown period despite using less than 80% of their pre-covid annual consumption. It is essential to read meters to ensure correct billing to avoid this and get back any refunds owed. Having a reliable and trusted energy consultancy on hand makes this process easier and control of current and future energy usage has never been more important!

Oil prices were volatile at the end of March caused predominantly by the blockage to the Suez Canal. Historically, increased oil prices can then lead to increases in other commodity markets such as electric and gas. But with the Canal cleared, the warmer weather forecasted alongside the annual ‘summer price dip’, the industry is hopeful any potential increases can be offset. With the new TCR charges coming into force in April 2022, additional increases to electric costs are not what is required!

The drive to produce more Green Energy in the UK is stronger than ever and a new report by IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency) estimates the growth in green energy exceeded the renewables expansion in 2019-2020 by almost 50%. More than 80% of all electricity produced worldwide in this period came from renewable sources and an incredible 91% of this came from solar and wind power generation. In conclusion, ‘2020 marked the start of a decade of renewables!’


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