Many businesses are now opening their doors again following the lock down period and ensuring your business energy bills are correct, is paramount!

Take meter readings as soon as possible and pass them on to your suppliers to ensure that your bills covering the lock down period are accurate and not vastly over estimated; keeping your money in your account is more important than ever and suppliers are taking months to refund over payments!

If your business has completed a temporary closure form with a Water supplier, ensure you go to their websites to complete the simple reopening forms to prevent debts building up and possible action being taken by the suppliers.

Connections and metering teams are now returning from furlough allowing for meter works, exchanges and network duties to recommence, however they will be working a 3 month backlog – so if your business requires any of these services, booking the works asap is recommended. Meter readers will also be returning to businesses to obtain readings – you are well within your rights to refuse them access if they are not Covid 19 compliant (not wearing PPE etc), or your business cannot allow the safe reading of the meter without exposing staff or the reader to exposure of less than 2 meters.

The gas market appears to have reached its low point in April and is now gradually creeping up. Now is the time to take a future position if you have a gas contract due for renewal in the next 24 months. We are encouraging our customers to take advantage of the current lows and achieve savings with cost certainty for the next few years during which time a highly turbulent market is forecast post Brexit.

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