After a week of warmer weather and a possible end to government COVID-19 restrictions, the spirit of the country seemed lifted.

Unfortunately, we are unable to retire our winter coats, as, in true UK style, the weather is again taking a colder turn. Thankfully, yesterday saw gas markets take a tumble as a strong roster of LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) arrivals over March should help to alleviate any supply stack worries during the imminent cold snap.

As many in the UK struggle, it is disheartening to say that OFGEM have found 18 of the energy suppliers, including several of the well-known energy providers, have failed to protect their customers. Not adhering the price protection rules, has resulted in over 1 million customers being overcharged a collective, massive £7.2 million. Most of these failures were down to suppliers not having adequate arrangements in place to make sure the protections were applied when customers decided to switch supplier. Although affected clients are being refunded, it highlights the necessity of awareness when it comes to your energy bills and switches.

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